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SmartWatch is as easy to own as it is to use.
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Identifies and automatically alerts upon repetitive shaking motion
Get help with the push of a button
Cloud access to monitoring data with reporting
Event diary & log
Device warranty and access to software upgrades
Low battery alerts
Alert to Single recipient
Audio recording on alert
Alerts to multiple persons
GPS location included with alert
Snooze feature
Reminders and Notfications

Peace of Mind at an Affordable Price
When you sign up for our monthly subscription plan, you’ll get access to the following SmartWatch features:

  • Continuous, portable monitoring of individuals with repetitive shaking motion
  • Instantly sends text messages and phone call alerts to loved ones
  • Intuitive user interface and choice of bands
  • Full product warranty for as long as your account remains active
  • Access event history from the cloud service to download/share reports
  • Call for help at the push of a button
  • Free upgrades of all firmware & software changes



The above subscription plan options are applicable for US and Canadian customers only. International customers: please contact your regional distributor (listed below) for pricing and plan options for your geographic region.


For more information about SmartWatch subscriptions, please contact Smart Monitor at
(US Toll Free: 1-888- 334-5045 | International: 1-408- 754-1695) or

For our international customers, please contact the appropriate distributor:

Eddy Feng
ShangHau Baolun Biotechnological
+86 18729312650

Sigma Health Care
+972-9- 9540110

Independent Living Supplies
+44 1438 821251