About the SmartWatch

SmartWatch is an easy-to-use, non-invasive wristwatch that continuously monitors movements and instantly alerts connected family members and caregivers upon the onset of repetitive, irregular shaking motion.



Instant Alerts to PhonesInstantly Alerts Caregivers and Loved OnesThe instant SmartWatch detects abnormal movement, it reliably issues text and phone call alerts to designated contacts, such as caregivers and family members. Wear AlertDetects Abnormal MotionSmartWatch continuously monitors the wearer and detects repetitive shaking motion similar to those caused by seizures.
Help at the Press of a ButtonSummon Help at the Press of a ButtonSmartWatch enables the user to quickly summon help with the press of a button. Record Event DataSecurely Access Event DataSmartWatch records the time, location, duration and severity of all alerted events. Data is available for secure access and review by wearers and their clinicians.
GPSGPS-Enabled LocationAlerts and recorded events include the GPS physical location of your loved one. SnoozeMedication RemindersUsers can schedule customized medication reminder alerts.


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Motion Detection

Detects movement outside a normal spectrum

Instant Alerts

When excessive and repetitive motion is detected, SmartWatch reliably issues text and phone call alerts to family members cell phones

Get Help

Users can summon help with the push of a button

Secure Recording & Access

Automatically record excessive movement patterns plus time and duration of event. Reports can be securely accessed for later review

GPS Location

Physical location information of the SmartWatch user is included with alerts and recorded events


Users can pause the SmartWatch before participating in events that may inadvertently trigger an alert

Multiple Contacts

Text messages and phone calls can be sent to multiple designated recipients

Compatible Phones

Below is a list of phones that we have tested with. However, any Android phone with Andriod Version 4.4.0 and above will work with the SmartWatch. At present, the user of the SmartWatch must have an Android phone while those receiving alerts can have any kind of phone (with text messaging and voice capabilities). We are continuously adding more phones to our list.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

HTC One M8

HTC One Max

LG Nexus 4

LG Optimus G

Kyocera Hydro Vibe

Nexus S 4G

Nexus S

Nexus One

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