Everything You Need To Know About Seizure Alert Dogs

Posted by  Desirea Leal-Bedel on 13-Nov-2020
Seizure Dog

Most people who have or have had a pet dog would attest to the fact that their canine companion is their best friend, but for a growing number of people who have physical, mental or neurological conditions, a dog is an integral part of their daily lives. Guide dogs, also called assistance dogs, lead the … Continue reading “Everything You Need To Know About Seizure Alert Dogs”


Covid-Safety For Children With Epilepsy

Posted by  Desirea Leal-Bedel on 06-Nov-2020
child safety at home

Parents of children with epilepsy always worry about their child having a seizure. The Covid-19 Pandemic has only added to their worries. While there is no evidence that having epilepsy can make an individual more prone to catching the Corona Virus or having more severe Covid symptoms, children (and adults) who have other conditions alongside … Continue reading “Covid-Safety For Children With Epilepsy”


Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Invests in Smart Monitor

National Entrepreneurship Program Invests in Smart Monitor’s Vision for Bettering Lives
Posted by  SAN JOSE, Calif. on 06-Feb-2015

Smart Monitor’s innovative SmartWatch is earning attention and winning support. Prosper Women Entrepreneurs, an organization in St. Louis, has selected Smart Monitor for its capital investment and accelerator program. Smart Monitor is one of six women-led companies that was selected for the program. The resources and support will help Smart Monitor leverage their increasing media … Continue reading “Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Invests in Smart Monitor”


SmartWatch from Smart Monitor Starts New Trial at NYU Langone Medical Center

New study for seizure monitoring device funded by Danny Did Foundation
Posted by  SAN JOSE, Calif. on 05-Dec-2014

Smart Monitor is pleased to announce the start of clinical studies of SmartWatch at NYU’s Langone Medical Center. Researchers will study “Detecting Ictal Impairment using a simple task and a wirst worn device” in both inpatient and outpatient settings. This study is supported in part by grant funding from the Danny DID Foundation. This funding … Continue reading “SmartWatch from Smart Monitor Starts New Trial at NYU Langone Medical Center”


Personal Profile: Hugo Weaving

Posted by  SAN JOSE, Calif. on 06-Nov-2014

Personal Profile: Did you know that the actor, Hugo Weaving, from such films as Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, V for Vendetta, and Transformers, has epilepsy? He says: “I was diagnosed as epileptic when I was 13 and had seizures once a year until my 40’s. Then they just stopped. I was basically doped … Continue reading “Personal Profile: Hugo Weaving”