Our Company Origins

On Christmas Day a few years ago, a single mother reached out to Smart Monitor founder Anoo Nathan to share a frustrating story. Her teenage son suffered from epilepsy, and she desperately sought a way to monitor him while he slept and while she worked. Until then, she had set an alarm to go off hourly – day and night – to check on him.

She needed peace of mind… and the confidence to rest easier.

Ms. Nathan heard from several more parents and family members who were in need of an automated solution for detecting unusual movements from various conditions. She launched Smart Monitor with the mission to develop an easy-to-use monitoring device that would immediately notify a family member when the user needed help.

About Smart Monitor

Smart Monitor provides monitoring and tracking solutions for people with chronic health conditions. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Jose, CA, Smart Monitor fuses together sensor, mobile and cloud technologies with big-data analytics in a seamless environment. Our patent protected solutions foster autonomy and enhance safety for people with chronic health conditions, while offering significant peace-of mind to their families and care providers.

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