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The Smart Monitor has developed a highly innovative app for seizures through a software system that captures repetitive physical movements such as shaking of the body during epilepsy. The system is embedded in a wristwatch which can be used by the patient or the individual with seizure conditions.

Specifications of App for Seizures

Our company offers helpful technological assistance for patients and individuals suffering from mild or severe attacks. Using artificial intelligence, alert system, and detector, we have remodeled a smartwatch system. Its functions include auto-detection of repetition of movements that resemble seizure attack or epilepsy. Upon detection, it immediately alerts the linked device of the user such as cellular phone or android phone to send a text message or phone call to the emergency contacts formerly assigned or registered by the user like immediate family members or private physicians, or any healthcare provider. It will only take seconds for the contacts to receive the alert wherever they are. In addition, detailed records and reports of these alerts that have consecutively occurred can be viewed at the app for seizures that can provide significant information to the physician.

Smartwatch has a wide range of features which include instant alert and detection system through Bluetooth connection with fixed dialing set up and emergency number assignment; help button which allows users to instantly call for help through the emergency button; auto-analytics of event data which indicates time, area or location, severity of alerts, duration, and the statistical figures; GPS system enabled which is utilized to trace the location of each emergency contact as well as the user’s place; heart rate measuring system which records the daily heart rate of the user to accurately record any fluctuation or irregularity in its frequency (this is only applicable for gold plan users only); notification and reminder system which handles scheduling and customization of reminder date alerts; activity tracker for exact monitoring system; and symptom reporting which involves all the detailed information regarding the patient’s condition during attacks.

Our product is highly recommended for family use and for caregivers to enhance accuracy in responding to any incidents that might arise. Alerts can blow within just seconds after tracking the patterned repetitive movements of the user. With all its features, the user can also capture audio records of the seizure incidents through a system set up. These features can also be used by doctors in different hospitals or clinics where the patient is admitted or given first aid. The analytics provided include a time frame to fully indicate the trend of abnormality that the patient suffered from.

Contact Information

You can learn and view the full details and specifications of our product through the Smart Monitor official website at Just look for individual pages to know more about our offers and product features, and you may also use the site to send us your comments or product requests. For more specific messages or queries, you may also reach us by email at or call us at 1 888 334 5045 (Toll-free)/1 408 754 1695 (International)/ 1 408 754 8629 (Fax).

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