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Clinical Studies Collaborations

The Inspyre™ by SmartMonitor has been evaluated in clinical studies with leading medical institutions. It has been assessed for its ability to detect and provide an epilepsy/seizure medical alert upon certain patterns of abnormal motion. We have successfully collaborated on clinical studies with organizations like Boston Children’s Hospital, John Hopkins Medicine, NYU Langone Medical Center, Stanford School of Medicine, UCSF Medical Center, University of Virginia Health System.

The Inspyre™ is also currently undergoing evaluation by Hospitals and Medical Institutions as a low cost screening tool for patients in remote or underserved areas.

Assess post-acute recovery – cognition, awareness, memory responsiveness

EpiWatch – Using Apple Watch and Apple Research Kit to collect data from epilepsy patients

Prospective Study of the Effect of SmartWatch Seizure Detection System on adolescent and parental anxiety

Detecting Ictal Impairment of Consciousness Using a Simple Task and a wrist worn Device

Efficacy of the SmartWatch in capturing movement parameters correlated with seizure activity and successfully uploading them to an online diary.

SmartWatch: Monitoring & Detection of Convulsive Movements Caused by Seizures

Detection of seizure-like movements using a wrist accelerometer