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Inspyre™ by SmartMonitor can be used as a screening tool for patients in remote and underserved areas. As a leading monitoring device, it is known for its ability to help provider organizations better serve their patients and offer value-based care leading to higher patient satisfaction. Providers can receive data on abnormal motion episodes experienced by their patients and people prone to epilepsy can choose to share episodic data captured by the Inspyre™ with their care providers. If you are a medical practitioner or clinical practice, and are interested in referring Inspyre™ to patients who may benefit, get in touch with us for a group discount.


The Inspyre™ by SmartMonitor has been evaluated as an epilepsy monitoring app at in-patient clinical studies with leading medical institutions. It has been assessed for its ability to detect and provide a seizure alert upon certain patterns of abnormal motion. Visit Acuma Health, a division of SmartMonitor, to find out more about how we can help with your clinical studies.

The data the Inspyre™ App collects includes:
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