06 Nov14

Personal Profile: Hugo Weaving

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Personal Profile: Did you know that the actor, Hugo Weaving, from such films as Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, V for Vendetta, and Transformers, has epilepsy? He says: “I was diagnosed as epileptic when I was 13 and had seizures once a year until my 40’s. Then they just stopped. I was basically doped for 30 years on epilepsy drugs.” He goes on to say: “I’m always happy in nature. Up on our dairy farm, a big sky above our heads, beautiful stars, a river. We plant trees and grow vegetables and do nothing except physical work. I love to put my arms around a gum tree. If someone walked through our farm in 100 years and saw all the trees we planted, that would be a cool way to be remembered.” — Quotes, from The Guardian Newspaper