21 Jan21

Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Invests in Smart Monitor

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Smart Monitor’s innovative SmartWatch is earning attention and winning support. Prosper Women Entrepreneurs, an organization in St. Louis, has selected Smart Monitor for its capital investment and accelerator program. Smart Monitor is one of six women-led companies that was selected for the program.

The resources and support will help Smart Monitor leverage their increasing media attention. The company has earned significant attention for their flagship product, the SmartWatch. The SmartWatch is a discrete wristwatch that alerts caregivers when repetitive shaking motion occurs, which may indicate the start of a convulsion. The watch has been profiled by multiple publications, including the examiner.comWT VOX, and eHealth radio. Epilepsy & Behavior, the cutting-edge journal on epilepsy, has also covered the SmartWatch’s promising trial results.

People are engaged and excited about SmartWatch’s many applications. The epilepsy community is excited about the security and freedom it affords. Clinicians are using SmartWatch’s data collection to better assess patients. Innovators are intrigued by the union of medical science and wearable technology.

Smart Monitor’s SmartWatch is a unique solution to a problem 2.7 million people face daily. When repetitive motion is detected, a text message with GPS location and a phone call alerts family members or caregivers. The SmartWatch is affordable, easy to set up, non-invasive, and effective. The watch pulls together math, cloud-based analytics, and GPS technology to track motions that may indicate a seizure and alert caregivers. All of the hard work happens in the watch’s technology, not the hospital.

SmartWatch has been designed to enhance the independence and autonomy of people prone to certain types of convulsive seizures. It gives peace of mind to those with epilepsy and their parents, friends, co-workers, etc. For children, who make up 60 percent of SmartWatch users, the watch is the key to more independence and less anxiety. For their parents, SmartWatch is a priceless key to safety.

“For people with chronic health conditions, and their caregivers, this product provides incredible peace of mind,” says Nathan.

About SmartMonitor

Starting with its flagship product, the SmartWatch, Smart Monitor is dedicated to improving quality of life for people with chronic health conditions. It innovates monitoring and tracking technology for use in complex medical circumstances. The startup is based in San Jose, Ca., and specializes in uniting sensor, mobile, cloud technologies, and big-data analytics.

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