Seizure Detection

Smart Monitor is one of the leading companies to offer seizure detection solutions for people with severe brain conditions. This device detects repetitive shaking motion in the user and sends text/phone call alerts to family members/caretakers.

How do they check for seizures?

Your doctor will run several tests to gather extra information about your seizure episodes. The results are later passed back to a neurologist for diagnosis. The results may r help rule out reveal if whether you have epilepsy and if you do, what could be the cause of it.

Some of the tests conducted to detect a seizure include a blood test, an ECG, an EEG, brain scan, and an MRI. One or more than one of these tests are used to understand the underlying cause of your seizure.

Can Fitbit track seizures?

Smartwatch is a device similar to Fitbit but used for detecting seizures and sending signals to a family member or caregiver through phone alerts. When the SmartWatch detects repetitive shaking motion in the user's body, it automatically sends text and phone call alerts to whomever the SmartWatch user designates, such as a family member or a care provider.

With the help of a Smartwatch, family members can receive an alert message indicating the date, location, time, and duration of the seizure episode. SmartWatch users can also call for help with a push of a button on the watch. The detailed reports of each seizure episode will be safely stored and can be easily accessed for review by your neurologist.

Features of SmartWatch

Some of the amazing features of a Smartwatch for seizure detection are:

  1. Smartwatch detects abnormal repetitive shaking movements and sends alerts through text and phone call to caregivers and family members. It monitors the wearer body movements constantly for any suspicious repetitive motions similar to seizures and records the time, duration, and severity of all alerted episodes.
  2. The data is saved at a secure destination for review by users and physicians in the future. In the event of a seizure, if the user needs help, he/she can easily call for help at the press of a button on the smartwatch. The smartwatch comes with a GPS that sends the user's location to their caretakers for them to easily locate the user during a seizure and reach them at the earliest.
  3. The smartwatch records significant information such as the user's heart rate during a seizure to help your doctor with a precise history of the seizures. The device also allows users to schedule custom-reminder alerts.
  4. This device is compatible with both IOS as well as Android devices. It can also serve to track the user's activities on a day-to-day basis and save critical medical data, including signs of an impending seizure which you can access later.

Smartwatch has comforted caretakers and families with better peace-of-mind. To ensure your loved one's safety in case of seizures, invest in a smartwatch by Smart monitor for precise seizure detection.

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