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There is an easier way for families to monitor any seizure incidents or epilepsy attack from their loved ones suffering from these conditions. We, at Smart Watch Inspyre, provide a new technology that sustains a safer environment through the use of portable and a more compatible device for seizure monitoring.

Our Products and Benefits

Our company revolutionized a more systematic off-site patient intensive supervision and checking through our modernized devices which can be both utilized at home, in a hospital set up, or in clinics. We have a very compatible watch design device monitor which is a blend of cloud technology system, data analytics, and sensor tech structure. Our products are compact with highly essential features such as heart rate-motion monitor, physical activity as well as sleep tracker, alert system to signal a contact person when severe abnormality of heart rate is detected, event data storage which can be securely accessed, GPS location capturing, video-enabled capacity, help auto summoning system for emergency purposes, and Bluetooth system for phone connectivity.

The best thing about our watch product is the immediate alarm control system that automatically sends an SMS emergency message to a loved one including the specific location of the individual who is experiencing seizure through the GPS locator embedded in the watch product. Aside from that, in an inevitable dangerous event, the user can also use the emergency button to auto sent help to the contact registered in the device either a private individual or a hospital number.

For any carelessly sent message, the watch user can instantly cancel or delete the composed SMS. The product software also includes programmed reminders and schedulers that notify the user for any planned medical appointments, consultations, and others. In this way, it would be easier for the patient to take actions to each appointed date for healthcare benefits. In terms of acute episodes or incidents, one can also turn on the audio record capacity to document the event which can be used for review and reference.

In addition, the seizure monitoring product can visually show the fluctuation of heart rates of the user as well as the entire patterns that indicate the status of the chronic health activity of the patient. This also allows the recording of sudden movements and bodily shaking of the patient. All of these kinds of documentation can accurately help medical professionals to determine the previous condition of the patient before the attack happened. Hence, doctors can precisely distinguish the type of seizure the patient has suffered and distinguish all other details necessary in providing the findings.

Contact Information

To learn more about our products, you may visit the official Smart Watch Inspyre website at Using the site, you may send us your comments, suggestions, requests, or messages by filling out the online form found at the page. For other product-related concerns, you may also send your messages through email at  or reach us by phone at 1 888 334 5045 (Toll-Free)/ 1 408 754 1695 (International)/ 1 408 754 8629 (Fax Number). You can talk to our very supportive and well-versed customer service team to guide you with the product purchase or address any clarifications and concerns regarding our products.

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