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There are certain chronic diseases for which timely attention is essential. Epilepsy is one of them. This condition, characterized by frequent seizures, affects more than 65 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. These seizures occur in the form of brief events of muscle contractions, and the condition may be total or partial in the body.

Epileptic seizures bring about physical changes in brain cells and can affect motor and behavioral functions. The patient is defenseless at the time of the seizure and may suffer severe consequences if not treated promptly. For the successful care of patients with this condition, seizure trackers can become a great ally.

What Is A Seizure Tracker?

These devices have been developed in the last decade, to detect and alert the occurrence of a seizure. The idea of development comes from the heart monitors that have been developed in the previous decade. From 2015 onwards, different types of seizure monitors appeared for the first time, some in the form of patches, bracelets and other monitors that are attached to the wrist or ankle.

Today, thanks to advances in the development of these monitors, more advanced devices have been developed. People with this condition can now enjoy state-of-the-art gadgets such as the SmartWatch Inspyre™. This wristwatch not only detects the onset of seizures but is in the ability to alert caregivers and relatives immediately, through the patient's Smartphone.

How Does A Seizure Monitor Help The Patient?

First of all, it must be taken into account that the loss of consciousness occurs from the first moment of the attack. The sudden disappearance of the will usually cause the patient to fall to the ground immediately. This can cause physical injury depending on the circumstance in which the person was at the time of the onset of the crisis.

In addition to the risk of being hit, the person may suffocate if he was eating or drinking any liquid. Even one of the dangers of a total seizure is that the person bites their tongue and chokes.

From a neural point of view, seizures cause several neuropsychological disorders. These conditions include alterations in memory, mood, intellectual capacity, and behavior. If the patient does not receive prompt attention, these disturbances can cause severe permanent harm. The immediate alert of the seizure monitor reduces all these risks.

What Other Benefits Does the Use of Seizure Monitors Have?

In addition to issuing alerts, the applications developed by the best manufacturers of these devices such as SmartMonitor, allow historical monitoring of the activity. A key factor in the refinement of the treatment for epileptic patients is the adequate documentation of each event (date, time, duration). When an intelligent monitor is used, the device will record this valuable information, which can then be analyzed by the treating physician to improve the patient's treatment.

Trust the Best

If you want to be backed up by a next-generation Seizure Tracker for your care or that of a loved one, SmartWatch Inspyre™ is your great choice. Let our high-tech development help you detect and alert for any seizure so that the patient receives proper care, on time. In SmartMonitor we have made great efforts to design for you the best monitor of events, for your peace of mind. Contact us.

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