We are proud to share these success stories from our users! The easy to use SmartWatch Inspyre™ app has made a night and day difference in the lives of people prone to conditions such as epilepsy and seizure disorders.

We would love to add your success story to the ones below. Please write and let us know how the SmartWatch Inspyre™ has helped you.

Kim’s Testimonial

Belicia’s Testimonial


“I cannot say enough wonderful things about the SmartWatch Inspyre and the staff at Smart Monitor! I am not a techie person and I appreciated the support staff walking me through the set-up process on the phone – they answered every question I had and were very patient. The watch itself has worked perfectly and it is easy to use; even my doctor’s were impressed! I highly recommend the SmartWatch Inspyre.”
– Rebecca H.


“We love the SmartWatch Inspyre for our oldest who lives 2 hours away, alone during the day. We know that we can give her some independence again and can get her help if she needs it from her seizures! She’s not in a box anymore! Thank you Smart Monitor!”
– Angi C.


“This app gives me the peace of mind that I will be alerted anytime my son has a seizure, most importantly to me is when he is sleeping or away from me. He has not had one since we’ve gotten it due to meds, but we’ve simulated the movement and it’s alerted me every time. It has also gone off while he was dancing in gym, it vibrated, and he was immediately able to cancel it. So I got an alert, a cancel, and a false alarm text within seconds of each other. Overall: Extremely happy, and worth it to us. They also have excellent customer service. I know I sound like a commercial, but I have nothing to do with this company other than just signing up for this subscription a few weeks ago. Thank you Smart Monitor!”
– Stacy C.


“I LOVE the Inspyre app! It’s so easy to download and use on my Apple Watch. Its very nice to wear something that’s not as noticeable and doesn’t attract much attention while it monitors my movements. Its a normal Apple Watch on the outside but a smart monitor that quickly contacts my family in case of an emergency. I don’t worry about having a seizure while I’m alone and love that it’s so easy to use! I would totally recommend this app!”
– Olivia O.


“My 12-year-old daughter has intractable epilepsy. We never know when a seizure will happen. We use the SmartWatch Inspyre app on my daughter’s smart watch to help us keep her safe. This app alerts us via text and phone call when a convulsion is detected. Inspyre allows my daughter to have a little more freedom around the house. We can be in different rooms, and she has some independence. Since my daughter was diagnosed, we have seen four epilepsy doctors. Not one of them discussed any monitoring devices to help us prevent SUDEP and keep her safe. The Inspyre app is just one of many devices we use to be alerted to a possible seizure. This helps to get medical help sooner if needed. Smart Monitor and their SmartWatch Inspyre app provides a piece of mind.”

– Andrea H.


“After suffering with severe seizures for a year. I was afraid to go out without someone with me. I began to look into seizure alerts and found Smart Monitor. It has given me back my independence as well as security for me and my husband, who was always worrying non stop about me having a seizure when he was at work and no one there to help me. He would call me 2 – 3 times a day to make sure I was ok. With my Smart Monitor it eased his worrying and I was able to return to work last year – part time, but it was a major step for me. I would recommend Smart Monitor to anyone who has seizures!”

– Tracy H.


“I first heard about the watch a few months after I had a seizure when I was alone and ended up in the hospital with a broken orbital bone, and a brain bleed from hitting my head when I was alone. If someone hadn’t found me it may have been worse than it was. After that happened I didn’t want to be alone, my wife family and friends didn’t want me to be alone. Even though I had lived with Epilepsy a long time everyone I knew was afraid.

I showed the article to my wife and mother-in law who insisted we get the watch. This was before the inspire app, the watch was big and bulky but it worked really well. My wife still talks to people about the first time I had a seizure alone while wearing it. It was at work and I was in the restroom when it happened I fell and hit my head. She was notified and was able to call my manager to go and check on me. Luckily I was ok, but it was after that we both knew that the device was going to be an amazing thing for us. I was no longer afraid to be myself or go for a walk alone. It gave me the peace of mind knowing that if something happened that my wife would get notified and would be able to take action. I cannot count the number of times my wife has talked to someone because the app has texted her and she has called my phone and talked someone through seizure first aid.

I am now on my third version of the watch through the inspire app which I love better than the other two watches which I loved as well. My doctor is happy with the way the watch works and I feel independent again. I still have breakthrough seizures but my whole family has piece of mind that even when I am alone and have one I am not really alone because she will be notified. This watch has truly changed my life for the good, and I not only have but would recommend it to anyone who has Epilepsy like I do.

– John T.


“Greetings – I want to thank you for your support. I have had several seizures while recovering from my severe traumatic brain injury and this means a lot to me and my family. The SmartWatch Inspyre works great – me and my therapists will continue on working on it’s settings, and people who I’m sharing the monitoring with. I just want to thank everyone who was involved in this process – it’s very special for me and my family!”


An EADDL 2018 Raffle Winner!
“I was diagnosed with Partial Complex Seizures and Mesial Temporal Sclerosis on my first day of high school at water polo practice. After getting a right anterior temporal lobectomy, brain surgery, I have been seizure free for over a year and a half now!
The SmartWatch Inspyre on the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro will help me a lot for my personal safety when I get weaned off of my medications for my condition, to let me know if I will have a seizure or not. I am so grateful for winning this raffle and I am looking forward to see how the app on this device will benefit others with epilepsy! Thank you again!”


“SmartMonitor has been so helpful for our family. David, who is 28, can now go outside on his own and has gained so much independence. It is very reassuring to know that we will be notified if he has a seizure.

– Kristi C.


My daughter suffered her fist complex febrile seizure at 19 months. My mother, who was watching her at the time, did not time the seizure, but Callie was just starting to come out of the seizure as the paramedics arrived, an estimated 10 minutes (or more) later. We wrote it off as a side effect of Scarlet Fever when the rash appeared a few days later. At 35 months she had another seizure – this time on her second day of a new daycare, again 10 minutes or longer, but this time she experienced paralysis as she came out of the seizure, which took several hours to resolve. Less than two months later, she had another lengthy seizure a few hours after climbing into our bed in the middle of the night. This caused us to worry about her sleeping in her own bed and having another lengthy seizure without us knowing. Lots of research later, we found Smart Monitor, a device that has given us better sleep, peace of mind, and comfort that if these seizures continue as she gains more independence, we have a way to make sure she gets quick attention. My husband and I have often remarked how lucky we are to live in a time with technology that helps us keep Callie as healthy as possible. We are hopeful that she will outgrow her febrile seizures, as most children do, but take comfort in knowing we have an invaluable tool available if she doesn’t. Thank you Smart Monitor!!!

– Katie J.


“Our 17-year-old son Matthew had three tonic-clonic seizures this past summer as a result of making some changes to his anti-seizure medicines. The first seizure we had to call the ambulance and they stopped it at the hospital. The next two we were lucky because we were with Matthew and were able to stop them with Diastat prescribed for him after the first seizure. We needed to watch him at all times. At night I had to sleep with him in his bed but at the time I had a bad cold and a cough that kept waking him up. So instead of sleeping in his bed I set up a makeshift bed of blankets on the floor next to his bed and slept that way for days when I remembered a friend of mine told me that there are devices that could alert parents if their child was having a tonic-clonic seizure in bed. I started researching it and most of what I found online was very expensive except for the SmartMonitor watch which was much more affordable. On it’s website, NYU is listed as one of the SmartMonitor’s Research Partners. NYU is where Matthew had extensive brain surgery as a five-year-old so that helped us decide on the SmartWatch. Even though the watch was affordable Matt’s Grandma wanted to help us with the purchase and sent us a check which we deposited into his bank account!

I remember the first night Matt slept wearing the watch and the peace of mind both my husband and I felt. Thank you to Smart Monitor for seeing the need for this technology and making it affordable. I hope that doctors begin letting their patients know that this technology is available and that these devices begin getting covered by insurance companies.”

Evie Novotny


“Thank you, Smart Monitor! I feel not enough people know about this amazing technology that can give a person independence, give a mother peace of mind and possibly save a person’s life. Ethan loves his watch…He feels so “cool”…He is very proud of it and his pre-k class knows all about it…Smart Watch gives me so much peace of mind. Thank you so much.”

-Yvette, Ethan’s Mom

Richard P.

“This watch is one of the biggest blessings I could have ever received!”

After surviving a horrible car accident while he was a teenager, Richard’s parents were told he would likely not survive, let alone thrive. While he exceeded everyone’s expectations in his healing, Richard suffered from violent seizures and was not diagnosed with epilepsy until many years later. He has seen his share of struggles, but has always been a survivor, and is now a proud epilepsy warrior who has multiple degrees, an amazing wife, and three beautiful daughters!

“I have the SmartWatch text alert, using the contacts I have added.  It immediately sends messages to all my contacts, giving them information of my location, even when the onset of my shaking started, and ended.  This monitor now gives me the peace of mind to live more a normal life with some kind of monitoring and tracking system. I can’t thank you enough. I am so grateful, this watch is one of the biggest blessings I could have ever received!” – Richard P.

Sean C.


Thank You and I am so thankful to Smart Monitor for giving me some peace of Mind.. So I don’t worry so much about my Michele having a seizure.  This watch is a Life Saver!

Denise F.


Ben and I are both very happy with his SmartWatch! It’s a very attractive watch, and it gives him a little more independence and increases my peace of mind when he’s home alone. It’s comforting to know that if Ben has a seizure, I will be alerted immediately.

Kim Z.

Dublin CA

We cannot express the sense of relief and relaxation this device has offered us, a needed respite after nearly 13 years of the unknown and doing our best to offer a balance of independence and safety plans for our daughter.

“Thank you!”

Belinda L.

As you know we have the SmartWatch and immediately we have experienced peace of mind regarding the safety of my soon to be 16 year old daughter. She has accomplished so much academically and as she looks forward to attending college. My fears of what I know could happen have been put to rest. Most importantly I want her to live and experience life the way it was meant to be. I want her to have her independence. I am glad that I waited to write you this note to thank Smart Monitor for such an amazing device. The reason is because this past weekend my daughter went out with a friend to lunch, shopped, and enjoyed a walk on a lovely spring day. The smile on her face when she returned was priceless. This may not mean much to the average person, but to a mom who has kept close watch over her daughter for fear of her safety, this is a huge step towards her independence. She has so much to look forward to as she begins this new journey in life and I would like to thank Smart Monitor.

-Ann S.


As our son was heading off to college for the first time, we were all apprehensive of the “what if’s”. The Smart Watch changed everything! From our son’s increase in independence and confidence to our peace of mind. We couldn’t be more thankful.


Daly City CA

I am so glad to have tried this product. It gave me a sense of freedom, an ability to relax my tension and a sense of Independence that I had lost.

The ability to know that once my arm started to twitch my husband would be notified. It was there when I couldn’t be there for myself. It was a breath of fresh air. If I couldn’t make that call for help, SmartWatch would make it for me. The text was sent and if I didn’t cancel the message, SmartWatch would do the next step and call my husband. After answering the call he could then hear me on the other side of the phone and knew if I needed help. He could do this all from where he was. He was able to work freely, my kids had better lives and we had a better family life. I didn’t need that babysitter to take care of me anymore. I had the help right at the tip of my fingers. It was AMAZING!

Jill G.


It’s possible that the SmartWatch saved our daughters life last week. On only the 3rd night wearing the watch, we woke to an alert at 3:40am. Never before did we think our daughter had seizures in her sleep, but we walked in on a grand mal seizure. This seizure was so prolonged that an ambulance and emergency room visit was necessary If we were never alerted of the seizure, if our daughter never got her medication to attempt to stop the seizure, if we didn’t know to call for medical help, our 7 year old could have died. If you need a ‘poster child’ for this product, we volunteer!

Rebecca Y.


I received my smart watch in November of 2012. I had only had my watch a few weeks when the reality of how valuable it is to my independence and safety would be proven. November the 21st started like any other day, with my partner off to work, my daughter out the door to school, and my service dog fed. I was thinking a few more minutes in bed would be wonderful….. Just as I reached the stairway I had a drop seizure.
The stairway was an “L” shaped stairway. I landed on the midway landing with my head against the wall and my legs at an awkward angle. Both knees were skinned really bad, my elbows bruised. I was not immediately able to move because of the pain in my neck and legs.
I managed to hit the help button on my SmartWatch and it immediately contacted my partner. When the call went through she was able to hear me in the background, even though I was not able to reach my phone because it was under my body.
My monitor then sent her a text stating that this was an emergency situation, and my location. I received help within minutes that morning because of my monitor. Without it I would have been helpless, in pain, without my seizure meds, and alone for several hours until someone arrived home. X-rays showed that I had bone bruises, or tiny hairline fractures in my left knee cap, a slight tear in my meniscus in my right knee, strained my left hip which is already in need of replacement, and sustained bruising to my forehead and neck.
Thanks to my Monitor I was able to get help quickly, which possibly prevented further seizure activity that day because my seizures are triggered from sensory overload. Thank you Smart Watch Monitor!

Scott C.

Westminster CA

My 14 year old son has an active lifestyle and suffers from seizures. He is also at the age where he wants
additional privacy. When at home he wants to play video games and go on the computer. I have always had to check on him often (much more often than he would like) to make sure everything was OK.
This is difficult and adds additional stress to an already stressful situation. With the SmartWatch I can relax a little knowing I have the ability to take care of daily needs around the house. As well, while my son sleeps I can again relax a little more knowing I have the SmartWatch monitoring him and I will be notified if a seizure starts while he sleeps.

Stacy B.


I love this watch so far. (My 5 year old) has been wearing the SmartWatch™ while she is at home and every night (her seizures are more active in her sleep). The SmartWatch alerted us to 2 seizures while she was sleeping. She began wearing the watch at daycare during nap time only; now she wears it all the time. It definitely gives us peace of mind and makes her teachers (at daycare) feel less nervous about missing a sign. She even has used the help button when she felt a seizure coming on.

Kristin B.


My son was diagnosed with tonic clonic seizures 7 months ago, in November of 2012. He was 8 years old at the time. I felt I needed to be with him 24 hours a day, morning and night, to keep him safe. I was sleep deprived and helpless. That’s when I came across the Smartwatch website. I ordered the device that day and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. The watch has given me and my son’s lives back. I can sleep knowing my son is being monitored. I can be comfortable letting him out of my sight knowing I will be alerted if a seizure occurs. Finding a cure for seizure disorder would be the ideal, but until then I will continue to use the Smartwatch monitor.
“Thank you to the developers of the Smartwatch.

Tammy M.

Every time our son has had a seizure, SmartWatch has caught it and alerted us.Just a couple of months ago, he had a seizure at home while we were in another room. SmartWatch instantly alerted my husband and me, and we were able to quickly reach him.SmartWatch allows us to feel comfortable letting our son play outside, go to school, and basically just live a normal life.Our favorite thing about SmartWatch is that it gives us peace-of-mind while our son is at school. Honestly, without SmartWatch we wouldn’t feel comfortable with him being away at school all day. Recently, he had a seizure at school, SmartWatch notified the nurse (who also gets SmartWatch alerts through her mobile device) and she was able to quickly locate Zach and provide appropriate care.
We’re so pleased with SmartWatch that we’ve told many clinicians at The Chicago Epilepsy Center about it, and suggested that they let other families whose loved ones have epilepsy know about it too. We can’t thank Smart Monitor enough for the difference SmartWatch has made in Zach’s life and ours!

Cindy B


On May 18th we found out just how important wearing the watch could be. Robyn had three status seizures and stopped breathing. If it weren’t for the quick alert and the ability to get her the help she needed so quickly we know the outcome would have been very different. We were able to tell the paramedics when the seizure started and stopped. Both the paramedics and the doctors had never even seen one (SmartWatch) before… It’s been about a week and a half and Robyn now wears her watch faithfully. I can truly say that if she didn’t have the watch no one would sleep and if it weren’t for the watch she wouldn’t be here. Thank you!

Chuck H


The Smart Watch is worth its weight in gold and more. On May 17th my 31 year old daughter, who researched your product and recommended we purchase it just a few months before, had a seizure at 1am and fell to her bathroom floor. She had just put her watch back on after a shower. Thank God for the watch. I was over to her apartment in less than 6 minutes and had Paramedics arrive just 2 minutes later. She had a seizure 6 months ago late at night and was in the seizure much of the night before she regained enough of her mind to hit fast dial buttons on her cell phone leading to treatment. That seizure wiped out much of her recent memory due to its length and could have been fatal. The Smart Watch is truly a lifesaver as well as a memory saver to my daughter and both her mother and I. The nurses and doctors at the local hospital were all informed of this life saving tool as none of them had heard of it. Thanks again to the Smart Watch company and its employees-you saved another life!!!

Kristin L


I am truly singing the praises of SmartWatch! My daughter was diagnosed with primary generalized epilepsy in September 2014. We were terrified to say the least. Knowing nothing about epilepsy, I had no idea where to even start.

My little girl had her 1st tonic-clonic seizure on September 21st and our lives were forever changed. We slept in shifts, we watched her every minute of every day and this was more irritating to her than the seizures. Even though she could understand why we were doing these things, she said it was “creepy”. After a couple of weeks, this situation began to take its toll. Everyone was on edge, especially my daughter. We decided it was time for a new plan. I began searching everywhere for some kind of seizure monitoring device. We went from store to store and I spent hours scouring the internet. That’s when I found SmartWatch! Thanks to your amazing product, we have been able to give my beautiful and very independent 13 year old some of her freedom back. My daughter, Sara, had been seizure free for 29 days when she had another seizure. I was outside and heard a thud. I ignored it, thinking that she couldn’t possibly be seizing. Within 5 seconds, the time frame that I set up on her SmartWatch, my phone went off to alert me. I ran inside and was able to tend to her. We were just preparing to leave the house for a neurology appointment that morning when she dropped and began seizing. I was able to show the doctor the readout from her SmartWatch of exactly how long the seizure lasted and how severe the convulsions were. The doctor had never seen a Smartwatch and was so impressed that she took all of the information about the product to pass along to her other patients.
My daughter has been seizure free now since November 5th, but will continue to wear her Smartwatch. My family can now rest easier knowing that she is wearing it. Our journey down this difficult road is not over, but has been made easier and safer thanks to SmartWatch!

Indoor Kite Flier Connor Doran, SmartWatch user


Photos 1-3, 5: Lori S. Robinson
Connor is living proof of how SmartWatch helps people gain more freedom to accomplish their dreams. Congratulations, Connor!

Vikki W.

We only had the watch set up for 2 days and I was already at work 45 minutes away when I received an alert at 5:30AM. The 1st notification was “Abnormal Motion”, the 2nd notification was pinpointing where my son was and the 3rd notification connected our cell phones together. Because of that connection I could tell my son was having a seizure, by his breathing and the noise he makes just before he stops breathing.
I talked him through the 1st seizure while calling a friend that stays with him during the day while I am at work. Then the second alert came in at 5:34AM just as my friend was getting to his room and found him having another seizure. He was going into the fetal position that he does just before he goes into a grand mal, stops breathing and becomes unresponsive. She was able to give him medication to stop the clusters of seizures.
His seizures must be stopped before he hits the point of grand mal or one day my son will not return to us as the brain damage starts two minutes after he stops breathing. He already has had this happen once, causing the left side of his brain to be slower than it was before.
Seizures during sleep are the worst due to no one knows it is happening, but now that we have the SmartWatch I will sleep better at night knowing that the watch will notify me. It is truly a god send and worth every penny.

Emily M. (age 12)

My name is Emily and I developed epilepsy when I was 9 years old. Most of my seizures are at night time. I love my Smart Monitor Watch. I go straight to sleep now knowing that my watch and my dog, Macy, are taking care of me. It’s made my life so much better and my mom’s too.
Thank you Smart Watch.

Kim D.

Thank you so much, we truly are so very grateful for this wonderful gift. Jeremy is very excited, and loves his watch. It was nice talking to you today, and look forward to meeting you at Epilepsy Awareness Day. Thank you so much.

Jo-ann G.

The watch is great works wonderful. Alerts us to when she has a seizure any time day or night – we didn’t even know she was having seizures at night till we got this. Thank you for selling this to us!

Sarah V.

Caleb is nine years old. He has had seizures since he was little. He would normally have the noticeably ones when he was sick and ran a fever. However, every night he would have myoclonic seizures. So his sleep was always interrupted and never good. In 2013, Caleb was diagnosed with ADHD. When he took his first pill that night he had 3 grand mal seizures at home before we could get him to the hospital. We were so scared that maybe he was having a stroke because he was paralyzed on the whole left side of his body. He stayed overnight in the hospital for about 3 days. As parents this was the hardest time in our lives. We just couldn’t understand how this was happening to our soon. We were told he had epilepsy but couldn’t tell us exactly what kind he had. This year we finally got an official epilepsy diagnosis with a name. Caleb has Primary Generalized Epilepsy. He typically has his seizures at night but we do know that anything could provoke one. He is currently in third grade and doing well in school. We are hoping to have some peace of mind with the smart watch in knowing when he has a seizure so we can help him.”

Julie B.


I’m excited to use this (SmartWatch) with my son Nick. He is 17 and really enjoys not being at home a whole lot.. wanting freedom! This watch will help everyone be a little more at ease for if/when he has a seizure. It’s scary for a mother to have their son at home alone not knowing if he is having a seizure of not.

Omar Q. / Rosa G.

My grandson Omar is one of the sweetest kids in the entire world.Always kind to everyone, helpful, giving and is always concerned with the needs of others more than his own. However; Omar was born with Cerebral palsy and Congenital malformation of the brain which causes complex partial seizures with consciousness impaired.
He is now 16 years old and has been having seizures since he was two years old.
As you may imagine it’s difficult for Omar to enjoy certain events in life with friends because of the constant concern that a seizure could come at anytime and no one around him will know what to do or who to call. We want Omar to live a normal life as best as possible. This is why when my son Albert called me and told me about “The Danny Foundation” and “Smart Monitor” I felt it was an answer to my prayer.
Now we can have peace knowing that wherever Omar may be in the event of a seizure someone will be notified and can offer Omar the proper help needed. We can also finally get some much needed uninterrupted sleep since this watch will notify us in the event of a seizure.
I want to thank “The Danny Foundation” and “Smart Monitor” for their arduous labor in developing this amazing technology.
May God bless you all richly”

The Ramos Family


Smart Monitor is proud to have The Danny Did Foundation as an advocacy partner! When the Ramos family reached out for help, Danny Did provided them with a SmartWatch:

“Thank you DANNY DID. I’m really happy and overwhelmed for the good news. This device will be the best gift for my son and for our family. I cried a lot when I read about the history of the Danny Did Foundation. I worry it may happen to my only son, but I don’t give up because I know God is our side and because of Danny Did’s help. I read the seizure safety brochure and it was helpful. Again thank you so much. I include Danny in my prayers!

Robert B.​

The SmartWatch has definitely increased my peace of mind. My daughter lives on her own, and I would constantly worry about her safety. While wearing the SmartWatch she experienced a seizure on a different floor than her roommate, but her roommate was instantly alerted and was there to help immediately. Knowing she can receive help right away makes her more confident and allows me to worry less.

Tracy W.

The SmartWatch has been amazing. It alerted us to a myoclonic just in time. We were able to get my daughter to the hospital quickly, as she goes into respiratory distress often. We also were able to show the doctors the data of what was recorded, and she is going back into the hospital to try to get better control on her meds. The SmartWatch is a life saver!

Jennifer A.

The SmartWatch is working out really, really well! It has totally brought back a sense of normalcy to our lives, which is priceless. I don’t know what I would do without it as we are still working to get our son’s seizures under control. So having a way to be notified when he needs help has been such a blessing. Thank you so much for what you do!
“I am beyond grateful for the SmartWatch and the peace of mind it will afford me. My son was recently diagnosed with primary generalized epilepsy. He’s an active, independent 15 year old and this watch will allow him to regain a little of the independence he enjoyed before the seizures began. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”