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At SmartMonitor, we deeply appreciate the complexity and dedication involved in coordinating special education programs. The Inspyre™ app by SmartMonitor is a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, technology designed to complement the efforts of Special Education Coordinators in creating an optimal learning environment while enhancing the safety of students and promoting autonomy.

Inspyre™ is compatible with Apple and Android smartwatches, offering a reliable and discreet method to track and monitor movements and heart rate patterns during various activities, including rest and exercise, and sends timely and meaningful notifications and insights.

We have provided the following capabilities to power clinical studies:

  • Wearable devices.
  • Highly secure HIPAA compliant back-end data acquisition as well as archival and analysis platforms.

Using the Inspyre, you can:

  • Easily monitor multiple patients 24×7 while they are in your facility.
  • Alert nurses and help enhance the safety of the patient.

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