19 Dec21

Tips to make the most out of the holiday season if you live with epilepsy

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The holiday season is here. There is a sense of cheer and hope in the air, good music reminding us to have a fun time, and plenty of delicious food to look forward to. It’s easy to get caught up with holiday preparations – you are busy with shopping, decorations, and socializing, all of which can be stressful. No matter how much you enjoy the holiday season, stress is a part of the planning and execution that accompanies it. For someone living with epilepsy, stress could increase the frequency of seizures. This doesn’t have to stop you from making the most out of the holiday season while living with epilepsy!

Here are some ways to stay prepared for the most enjoyable time of the year:

Time Management

Research says that not everyone living with epilepsy is prone to stress-induced seizures. It is crucial to find your triggers and work around them to manage them better. If you are someone who is affected by stress, better time management will go a long way in keeping it at bay. A good tip to follow is to start planning as early as you can. Prepare your budget, make a list of who you’re going to be gifting and what. Once that’s done, don’t forget to leave plenty of time for purchasing and wrapping the gifts as well.

Remember to have a Healthy Sleep Schedule

You might be tempted to stay up late to go out with your friends and family. However, lack of sleep is known to trigger seizures, so make sure you don’t stray from your sleep schedule. Try to sleep at the same time every night and make plans accordingly. Getting enough rest is the best way to stay charged and enjoy the holiday season. Moreover, lack of sleep also affects your tolerance for stressful situations, adding to the frequency of seizures. Don’t try to do it all. Rather, pick the parties that are important to you. Try to schedule naps before parties that could extend beyond your scheduled bedtime. Emphasize weekend parties over work-week parties that could potentially exhaust you and eat into your sleep time. With proper planning and management, you will be able to have plenty of fun and get the rest you need.

Spend Time with Family

This time of the year can get chaotic. If you’re someone who can get stressed easily, it is best to stay away from crowded places. Spend time with your friends and family to escape the stress that can accompany a chronic condition. Being with your loved ones, away from noisy parties can be a great way to make the best of the holiday season.

Use this Time to Replenish

If you’re the kind who enjoys the festivities, especially packing gifts, you might end up burning the candle on both ends. However, this time isn’t just about doing things for others, but for yourself as well. Don’t push yourself to do anything that could exhaust you. When you’re out, stay away from twinkling lights that could trigger your seizures. It is important that you stick to not just your sleep schedule, but also your medication timings. If too much alcohol is a potential trigger, set your limit before you start drinking. Plan things for yourself. A good yoga session, a long drive, or a spa day can work wonders in stress management. The holiday season is a time of spreading love, cheer, and goodwill. Don’t forget to give some of it to yourself too!

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