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Hospitals & Medical Institutions

The SmartWatch Inspyre™ by Smart Monitor has been evaluated at in-patient clinical studies with leading medical institutions for its ability to detect and alert upon certain patterns of abnormal motion. We have successfully collaborated on clinical studies with the organizations listed below. We have powered their clinical studies by providing our technology solutions comprising of wearable devices, mobile applications and highly secure HIPAA compliant back-end data acquisition, archival and analysis platforms. Visit Acuma Health a division of Smart Monitor to find out more about how we can help with your clinical studies. Contact Us if you are interested in testing the SmartWatch Inspyre™ at your organization for inpatient monitoring of patients prone to abnormal and repetitive shaking motion. The system may be used to alert nurses to help enhance the safety of the patient. Multiple patients can be easily monitored 24×7 while they are in your facility. The SmartWatch Inspyre™ is also currently undergoing evaluation by Hospitals and Medical Institutions as a low cost screening tool for patients in remote or underserved areas.

Our Research Partners