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    "I got my watch all set up and working easily - I just wanted to thank you for your amazing customer service. I absolutely love feeling secure knowing that if I do have a seizure not only will it be noted but also that automatically my parents will be notified.  I discovered that I had been having seizures in the middle of the night. With the information provided by your...


    "I cannot say enough wonderful things about the SmartWatch Inspyre and the staff at Smart Monitor! I am not a techie person and I appreciated the support staff walking me through the set-up process on the phone - they answered every question I had and were very patient. The watch itself has worked perfectly and it is easy to use; even my doctor's were impressed! I highly recommend the SmartWatch...


    "We love the SmartWatch Inspyre for our oldest who lives 2 hours away, alone during the day. We know that we can give her some independence again and can get her help if she needs it from her seizures! She's not in a box anymore! Thank you Smart Monitor!" - Angi C.


    "This app gives me the peace of mind that I will be alerted anytime my son has a seizure, most importantly to me is when he is sleeping or away from me. He has not had one since we've gotten it due to meds, but we've simulated the movement and it's alerted me every time. It has also gone off while he was dancing in gym, it vibrated, and he...

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