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    "SmartMonitor has been so helpful for our family. David, who is 28, can now go outside on his own and has gained so much independence. It is very reassuring to know that we will be notified if he has a seizure." - Kristi C.


    My daughter suffered her fist complex febrile seizure at 19 months. My mother, who was watching her at the time, did not time the seizure, but Callie was just starting to come out of the seizure as the paramedics arrived, an estimated 10 minutes (or more) later. We wrote it off as a side effect of Scarlet Fever when the rash appeared a few days later. At 35 months she...


    "Our 17-year-old son Matthew had three tonic-clonic seizures this past summer as a result of making some changes to his anti-seizure medicines. The first seizure we had to call the ambulance and they stopped it at the hospital. The next two we were lucky because we were with Matthew and were able to stop them with Diastat prescribed for him after the first seizure. We needed to watch him at...


    “Thank you, Smart Monitor! I feel not enough people know about this amazing technology that can give a person independence, give a mother peace of mind and possibly save a person’s life. Ethan loves his watch...He feels so "cool"...He is very proud of it and his pre-k class knows all about it...Smart Watch gives me so much peace of mind. Thank you so much.” -Yvette, Ethan’s Mom

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