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  • What is the Inspyre™?

    Inspyre™ is a patented app that tracks and monitors movements and sends notifications while also providing meaningful insights on activity levels, patterns, wakefulness, and sleep. The Inspyre can run on certain Apple and Android watches, making it a fully portable solution.

  • Can Inspyre detect seizures?

    SmartMonitor does not have any FDA cleared or approved medical devices. Inspyre is not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure epilepsy, seizures, or any other disease or condition. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or medical condition.

  • What are the benefits of Inspyre™?

    Inspyre™ users have told us that the device provides independence from constant supervision. They have expressed increased confidence because they can get help by simply pushing a button. Their family members and caregivers then gain respite knowing they will receive a text message and phone call should their help be needed.

    Family members appreciate the peace-of-mind, especially at night knowing they can be on hand to provide assistance when needed. Furthermore, users and caregivers alike value that the activity reports can be downloaded at any time for thorough analysis.

  • How does Inspyre™ work?

    With patented miniaturized technology and sophisticated algorithms, Inspyre analyzes activity outside a normal spectrum and reliably issues notifications upon the onset of various types of movements. Users can also summon help with a simple push of a button on the watch. Inspyre tracks movement patterns plus the time, duration and location (advanced model) of any unusual occurrences. Users can securely access their private information and send archived copies to their care provider for later review.

    Inspyre™ can run on Apple Watches and Android watches, and works in conjunction with an Android (7.0 os or above - Android watches only) or an iPhone (iPhone 7 and later models running iOS v8.0 and above - Apple Watches only). Users without an LTE/cellular plan for their watch need to carry the device running Inspyre within a 15 - 30 foot range; for example in pockets, purses, backpacks, etc. When the app notices patterns of unusual movements, it wirelessly signals the user’s phone, which then sends a text and calls a family members’ phone, within seconds.

    The caregiver’s phone, which receives the notifications, can be anywhere. Recorded events are downloadable. Notifications can be sent or canceled by the user with a simple push of a button.

  • What do I need for Inspyre™ to work?

    • Users need to have a compatible Android phone or an iPhone with a data plan or continuously connected to wifi, or an LTE watch with a cellular plan (Android only at this time). Android phones must be running Android version 7 or above (full list of compatible phones here: iPhones phones (iPhone 7 and later models) must be running IOS version 8.0 and above.
    • A compatible Android watch (paired with an Android phone) or Apple Watch (paired with an iPhone).
    • Users need to download the Inspyre™ application from either the Google Play Store (for Android) or from the App Store (for iOS).
    • The Android or Apple Watch and the phone need to be paired and connected through Inspyre™ app.
    • A current user subscription, which can be purchased through our website on the “Order Now” page.
  • What Android watches are compatible with Inspyre?

    Android watches running Wear OS by Google are compatible with Inspyre. This includes watches such as: Samsung Wear, Google Pixel, Fossil, Michael Kors, and Skagen. Find out more about Wear OS by Google here:

  • Can I use Inspyre™ if I am on medication or just had surgery?

    Inspyre, running on an Android watch or Apple watch, is a non-invasive, passive device. It will have no impact on current or future medication regimens or any surgery and it does NOT require you to make any changes to your lifestyle. The Inspyre is not a substitute for medical care. Again, it does not prevent, predict or treat seizures or any other kind of medical condition.

  • Can I use Inspyre outside my home?

    Yes, the Inspyre can be used in bed, in schools, offices and elsewhere as long as the phone and the watch are within bluetooth range of each other (15-30 feet) or you have an LTE smartwatch with a cellular plan (Android only at this time).

  • What if a notification is accidentally triggered?

    Users have the ability to cancel any notification by pressing the Cancel button on the watch. The Cancel button will be active as soon as a notification is sent.

  • Can I get help if I do not have any movements of unusual interest?

    Yes, Inspyre has a Call for Help button that when pressed immediately sends a notification to the designated family members or caregivers. If Call for Help is pressed by accident the user can cancel the notification by pressing the Cancel button on the watch (which will appear after the Help button is pressed). The Call for Help button is available on the Silver and Gold plans.

  • Do I need internet or WIFI connectivity?

    Inspyre can communicate in two ways - the phone can communicate with the watch using a Bluetooth connection or the watch can communicate without a phone if it is an LTE model with a cellular plan (Android only at this time). To use Inspyre without LTE, you need an Android or Apple watch and a smartphone with a data plan (or constant wifi connectivity) within a 15-30 foot range. Your family or caregivers can receive alerts on any cell phone, anywhere.

  • What if the non-LTE watch with Inspyre gets further than 15-30 feet away from the phone?

    When Inspyre and phone are separated by more than Bluetooth range distance (approx 15-30 feet), then they may be disconnected and it will not be able to send out notifications. It is important that the user keep their smartphone with them.

  • Do Inspyre, the watch, and phone require special care or maintenance?

    Beyond charging the watch and phone every day, no special care is needed. You may use the Test Connection feature on the app to check that the watch is connected and working properly.

  • Do I need a subscription plan for Inspyre to work and what does it include?

    Yes, the subscription provides the following benefits:

    • Continuous monitoring
    • Cloud-based storage and access of all event historical data
    • Downloadable reports which you can share with your physician
    • Customer service and support
    • Firmware and Software upgrades
  • If I have the Bronze subscription plan, can I upgrade to the Silver or Gold? How do I do that?

    Yes, Inspyre users can upgrade their plans at any time. Please contact us at or call us at +1 (888) 334-5045
  • How much does Inspyre cost?

    For pricing click the Order Now option from the website or please contact us via email info@smart-monitor.comor by phone (888) 334-5045

  • How can I buy Inspyre?

    Click on the following link to purchase the Inspyre from our website. Or call us at (888) 334-5045 for assistance.

  • Is Inspyre covered by insurance?

    Coverage varies from Carrier to Carrier. Please contact us at (888) 334-5045 for more information.

  • Do I need special training to use Inspyre?

    No, SmartMonitor provides extensive written user documentation in addition to a support line and email (1.888.334.5045 and The app is easy-to-use but if you have any questions, we are ready to help.

  • If Inspyre doesn’t work for me can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, you can cancel your Inspyre subscription within 30 days from the original order date for a full refund of the subscription amount. However, the activation fee is non-refundable. If you purchase an annual subscription and cancel after 30 days, your payment is non-refundable and your service will continue for the remainder of your contract. You can cancel your subscription any time by contacting Smart Monitor at

  • Does SmartMonitor offer a warranty on my Android watch or Apple Watch?

    Smart Monitor does not sell or ship devices and cannot provide device warranties. If you need assistance with the Inspyre app, SmartMonitor is proud to offer prompt and convenient customer support. You can email or call (888) 334-5045. We offer support Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm pacific standard time, and we will return your call or email within one business day.

    If you need assistance with pairing your Android watch to your Android phone, or your Apple Watch and your iPhone, please contact the manufacturer's customer support.

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