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Inspyre Support for the
Apple Watch

Make sure your Apple Watch is paired correctly with your iphone in the Apple Watch App.

If you need help with your Apple Watch or with pairing, please contact Apple support:

If you are receiving a “Connection failed” error, make sure the Inspyre app is installed and open on your watch and your phone at the same time. Force close both apps and then open the app on your iPhone first, then your Apple Watch.

If you still can’t connect, restart your devices and open the Inspyre app on both your devices again.

Logging In

  • Please be sure you are using the 5 digit username and password that was sent to you in the “Registration Successful!” email. 
  • Still getting a username and password error? Submit a request for new credentials here..  

Submit a request here for new login credentials.

App Functions

  • In order to monitor for abnormal motion, you must press START on the Inspyre app on your Apple Watch.
  • Make sure your contacts are entered into the “contacts” page correctly in the Inspyre app.
  • Enable the text alert and the call alert for contacts who you want to receive alerts.
  • The text and call alerts will come from one of the following phone numbers-
    • +1 510-250-7527
    • +1 408-442-3286
    • +1 650-203-6508
  • The text alerts will arrive as soon as abnormal motion is detected from the watch.
  • The call alert will arrive secondary to the texts, while the event is in progress.
  • While running a test, please keep in mind that pressing cancel will prevent the call alert. 
  • Still not working? Delete the contact and re-input the phone number.
  • Important reminder: in order to monitor and receive alerts for abnormal motion, Inspyre app on watch must always be in “start” mode.
  • The “settings” in the Inspyre app are defaulted to our recommended settings.
  • Keep in mind that a sensitivity of 10 is highest, duration of 4 seconds is most sensitive. The higher the duration, the longer the watch will need to move to send alerts. The lower the sensitivity, the more movement the watch will require in order to send alerts.


  • If your Inspyre app and/ or watch are disconnected, remember to keep the devices in Bluetooth range (15 – 30 feet).
  • Keep both apps running in the background to prevent disconnections.
  • Don’t force close the app (swipe) on the Inspyre app on the Apple Watch or the iPhone.
  • Check that Apple Watch is paired properly in the Apple Watch App.
  • Please fill out a request form here.

Access To The User Portal

  • Your credentials for the user portal are different from the username and password you log into the Inspyre mobile app with
  • Click on this link on a desktop, laptop, or tablet:
  • An Order Confirmation should have arrived to your email which contains your username and password for the user portal (username for the user portal will be the email that you signed up for Inspyre with)

Account Changes And Billing

  • If you want to upgrade your plan please submit a request by clicking here

To update your payment information, please click on this link log into the user portal:

  • Click the dropdown on your name, then select “User Accounts”. Select the “Payment Preference” tab and select “Add a Card”. Enter in your billing information and click “Save Card”. Your next scheduled payment will be charged to the card you provided.

Refer to the user guide for step by step instructions on setting up:

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