Significantly Improving Sleep Quality with Inspyre

Healthcare Technology / By Smart Monitor

sleep quality
April 13, 2023

A good night’s sleep is vital to maintaining overall good health. Adequate and uninterrupted sleep is imperative as it can positively or negatively impact your physical and mental health. A healthy sleeping routine comprises three key elements; sleep duration, sleep quality, and a consistent sleep schedule. Simply put, sleeping is an essential activity that allows our body and mind to rest, rejuvenate, and recharge.

Lack of sleep or irregular sleep patterns are closely associated with depression, anxiety, hypertension, heart attacks, obesity, reduced brain function, weakened immune system, memory loss, and several psychiatric disorders. There are multiple ways to help improve sleep quality and play an active role in protecting your health.

Harnessing the Power of Technology

SmartMonitor, headquartered in California, is perfectly poised in this domain with its innovative Inspyre app. The company, with its team of experts, specializes in developing monitoring solutions catering to the healthcare and wellness markets.

For Inspyre, the company leveraged its industry-rich expertise and cutting-edge technology to increase the quality of life for a broad range of conditions. The application seamlessly works with Android phones and iPhones synced to a Samsung or Apple watch, making it a completely mobile and autonomous solution.

Highly-advanced Sleep-tracking Features

The Inspyre app has been designed with an algorithm that can be activated when the user elects to commence or enable motion monitoring.

The user can customize the various thresholds as per their specific requirements and define the level of sensitivity for movement tracking, thus eliminating false alarms. This feature includes the duration and intensity of the motion. Once irregular movement is detected and the set duration has been exceeded, a notification is programmed to be sent out to the caregiver or loved ones. This action is carried out via text or call.



The user can also specify the time of day when these thresholds are to be activated. In addition to this, the GPS-enabled application is in-built with the option of turning off, cancelling, or snoozing the motion tracking feature and subsequently the associated notifications, at any time. This enables the user to decide when they require to be monitored.

The duration and intensity of movement can be accessed by wearers, caregivers, and loved ones. The application also records the user’s heart rate when there is significant motion. All this information can be accessed securely and holistically.

Observe Sleeping Patterns

The Inspyre app is perfectly poised to help individuals glean sleeping trends and patterns, thereby helping significantly improve their sleep quality over time. Understanding your sleep cycle and the effect it has on the daily and long-term functions of your body and mind is important.

When sleeping, the body undergoes four stages of sleep. The first three stages are non-REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep where the cycle commences with stage one and progresses to deeper sleep through the stages. The final stage of REM sleep is when dreaming mostly occurs. A full sleep cycle lasts for close to 90 to 110 minutes. Then the cycle begins again from stage 1. Disruption in any of these stages will hamper normal body functions along with experiencing sleepiness and fatigue. The Inspyre app captures all relevant data and notifies the user. The information obtained can then be used to make necessary changes to induce better sleep.

In addition to implementing this state-of-the-art technology, the user needs to cultivate and adhere to good sleeping habits.

Building a Routine and a Positive Environment

Maintain a consistent sleep routine, even on weekends and holidays. It is imperative that your mind is clear of any distractions or tasks for the night. This can be achieved by creating a positive sleep environment. You can read or perform some other relaxing activity before heading to bed. Ensure the room is at a comfortable temperature and the bed and pillows are cozy. Dim the lights and reduce noise levels.

Most importantly, consult your healthcare provider if your sleeping troubles persist. There are many treatments available for diagnosed sleep disorders.