Understanding The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Sleep Monitoring Applications

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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Sleep Monitoring
June 5, 2023

Sleep is an essential function that allows our bodies and minds to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate. Ensuring sufficient and quality sleep is achieved every night is crucial for the body’s optimal functioning.

Inadequate sleep has been associated with a range of negative outcomes on a person’s physical, mental, and cognitive health. Fortunately, the advent of various sleep-tracking technologies has opened up new possibilities for understanding and optimizing sleep. Using the right tools to detect insufficient sleep patterns is the first step to achieving this goal. Sleep tracking applications offer the user and the caregiver relevant and insightful data regarding sleep duration and quality. This can help identify patterns, highlight and report sleep disruptions and provide a holistic overview of your sleeping habits. This data can be utilized to improve sleep habits and hygiene.

However, while sleep app ownership comes with a host of benefits, challenges are encountered as well. Several users face application implementation challenges along with ease-of-use and accessibility hurdles. Application implementation does not have to be a difficult and time-consuming task. Users should be able to operate the application themselves without the need for basic assistance from professional technicians. If not designed and developed properly, the sleep monitoring application may provide the user with inaccurate data, deteriorating the user’s health further. This technology also imposes serious data privacy and security risks.

Inspyre by SmartMonitor maintains a delicate balance between providing extensive benefits and addressing potential drawbacks through its highly-advanced sleep monitoring solution. The easy-to-use application has been developed to track repetitive abnormal motions. The mobile solution seamlessly works with Android phones and iPhones synced to a Samsung or Apple watch.

Feature-rich Sleep Monitoring Application

Inspyre tracks the user’s heart and possesses the ability to set reminders to help keep track of certain important tasks. It is also equipped with the ability to establish the sensitivity levels for movement tracking along with specifying the time of day the app is to be activated. The efficiency of this application thus makes certain that users do not receive false alarms. If any notable incident occurs that crosses the specified duration, a notification via a text or a call is sent out to loved ones or the caregiver. This notification includes the GPS location of the user wearing the watch so proper care can be delivered to the person.

The duration and intensity of this movement can be securely accessed by wearers and loved ones with accessibility. Alternatively, the user can turn off, cancel or snooze the motion tracking feature at their convenience. The autonomous solution empowers the user with the ability to activate the Inspyre algorithm and permit it to commence motion monitoring on demand.

The accumulated data can be accessed in a holistic manner. This data can then be utilized to derive sleeping trends and patterns that can be used to significantly improve sleep quality over time.

Convert Data Into Useful Insights

Recognizing the importance of sleep, understanding your sleep patterns, and adopting healthy sleep habits is crucial for maintaining overall good health. Establishing a consistent sleep schedule, creating a conducive sleep environment, and practicing relaxation techniques are some effective strategies for promoting better sleep.  Adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and balanced nutrition is another optimal approach to enhancing sleep quality. Individuals should consult a healthcare professional if the poor sleep patterns continue to persist as it may indicate an underlying sleep disorder or condition that necessitates examination.